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ID: 271519
Название (бренд): Global Telecom LLC
Адрес сайта (URL):
Адрес: Unit 03, 8/F., Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza, 3 Science Museum Road KL, Hong Kong
Телефон: +31852085874
О компании:
V-Tell is an International Mobile Operator providing mobile services to customers all around the world*. Through consistent expansion, V-Tell covers an ever-increasing number of locations, using the latest technology and equipment to support its customer offerings.

V-Tell Subscribers can forget about multiple devices and multiple SIM cards. A single V-Tell SIM card provides V-Tell customers with the ability to have an almost unlimited number of permanently active personal phone numbers from any country on one device.

V-Tell Services makes communication limitless by dissolving borders between countries and continents: the roaming-free network allows V-Tell customers to forget about huge roaming rates, limited communication and unpredictable bills. V-Tell provides customers with mobile services and fixed rates around the world*.

V-Tell Networks combine high-speed communication channels and switching systems in one high-tech solution based on a unique multi-IMSI platform controlled by a state-of-the-art global billing system. This innovative technology provides V-Tell customers with a global “home“ network, allowing them to access voice, Internet and SMS services in any part of the world*.

V-Tell Customer Care ensures that V-Tell customer partners, relatives and friends all benefit. A call to another V-Tell Subscriber from anywhere in the world* is charged according to the caller’s local rate.

V-Tell Team members have extensive telecommunications experience. Many of them have worked with major international telecoms companies or developed telecoms products and services, which are now used as industry standards.
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