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Интернет провайдер "NYNEX"

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NYNEX is one of the leading system integrators for VSAT satellite services in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nynex designs, implements and maintains satellite networks for corporate, governmental and military clients with a focus on:

High speed Intranet and Internet access, VNO, closed usergroup, VPN, VoIP, VSAT-Monitoring, QOS and HUB-Managing.

Nynex has established a wideranged network including a large partner and reseller network all over Africa, Europe and MEA.

The company currently provides teleport & satellite services with its own hub-infrastructure on 4 different teleports.
They are located in Griesheim, Ottobrunn, Ruprichteroth (all Germany) and Burum (Netherlands). All teleports are manned 24/7 and have a redundant multi-backbone internet connection. The provided range of satellite services in the KU an C-Band range starts with enduser services for home-use up to trunking-solutions to offer speeds up to 150MB/s.

Nynex is offering several vsat-monitoring tools (VNMS/NXMS/x3-web-interface) to give a maximum service-transparency to its customers. With these tools, clients can easily figure out answers about their data-usage, connection-stability and other remote-status.

Nynex is permanently listed in the yearly released Com-Sys-Report.

Nynex was founded in October 2000 by Andreas Buxbaum and Gunter Frank in Darmstadt, Germany. In November 2009 Nynex has established a helpdesk-center in Bangladesh.


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