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Интернет провайдер "OVH"

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Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, OVH is an independent European company based in Roubaix, Northern France. It is the number one host in Europe and is the fourth largest for domain names in the world (source Netcraft January 2012). The biggest advantage of OVH is its unbeatable value for money, which makes it stand out against its competitors in the market.

Focus on innovation

With significant technological advantages, such as an exclusive server cooling system, OVH has always promoted innovation and performance while maintaining an ecological and environmental standpoint. Also hosting numerous radio stations and the largest network of game servers, OVH is now answering the challenge of Cloud Computing.

An ambitious goal

Entrenched in the global marketplace, the company extends its expertise in Europe and beyond with over a dozen subsidiaries, including one recently opened in North America. With its ambitious business model, OVH has the tools and know-how to make a significant difference in the market. Reducing its operating costs and investing heavily in innovation, the host is committed to a long-term strategy of offering the best quality products and services at the best prices.

A different approach

To succeed on the Internet, OVH has adopted a simple approach; offering better value than its competitors. Where the majority of players take a short term strategy, OVH has demonstrated greater foresight by building its own datacentres. In developing its own cooling technology without air conditioning, assembling its own servers, managing its own fibre optic network plus providing in-house technical support and commercial teams, the hosting company has complete control of the production chain.

An optimised model

OVH does not buy its servers, but builds them in their own assembly lines, located directly in its datacentres. The result is that each day up to 400 physical servers are assembled "just in time" according to the customer's needs and delivered in less than an hour.

Major investments

OVH has also invested in deploying a network across Canada and the U.S, based on the new 100Gbps coherent technology. These facilities are used to manage a high capacity redundant network (10 Tbps). This ensures 100% network availability, and low latencies. We chose to build a datacentre of unprecedented scope that will eventually record a total capacity of 360,000 physical servers. This represents a huge investment, but allows the process to be industrialised and therefore the ability to achieve economies of scale.


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Александр , 23 мая в 12:35 Люберцы

Александр Николаевич Коротков

Начну с хорошего: скорость по проводам близка к заявленой (70 МБ/с). Вот и всё.

Техподдержка это непонятное что-то. Сначала ждёшь соединения 10 минут из 3 обещанных, потом перенаправляют куда-нибудь и обрывают связь. Каждый раз им нужен мой номер договора, чтоб ничего не ответить и переслать дальше, а там спросят номер договора и перенаправят… Итого 15 минут общения занимает проверка моих данных и абсолютно никак не решается мой вопрос.

После очередного списания абонплаты интернет отваливается на неопределенный срок.

Жалею, что решил дать очередной «последний шанс», поэтому пишу отзыв через мобильный интернет. Естественно виргин отвалился. Наверное проблемы из-за грозы, которая была 3 дня назад (стандартная отмазка)

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