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ID: 237024
ASN: 199636
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Адрес: House # 143, Esmat Muslim Street, 3rd Lane, shar-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan
Телефон: +93 796 701 701
О компании:
Unique Atlantic Telecommunication registered with MCIT (ATRA and AISA License # D-46905) is a leading and experienced Telecommunications Company based in Afghanistan and has operational experience in all over the country since 2009. Providing fast & reliable Internet services all over Afghanistan thru Wireless and VSAT coverage.

Enterprises are looking for ways to streamline the organization and provide remote locations not only the same level of access, but identical support for business critical applications. They require a highly reliable global infrastructure, with remote locations that operate on a par with the main offices. They’re looking for:

- High-speed connections and central management of the network.
- 24/7 network availability.
- High performance delivery of voice and video as well as data.
- Two-way transmission to support interactive communications.
- A small equipment footprint.

UA Telecom provides more than full connectivity for remote offices, anywhere in Afghanistan. We offer an advanced network solution that delivers the same user experience as offices with terrestrial connections. UA Telecom powered networks provide bandwidth efficiency and high data throughput, in a scalable and affordable package. UA Telecom provides all the requirements through public IP network and private IP network platform for the users according to their network requirements.

UA Telecom has wide Wireless Internet coverage in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif cities of Afghanistan. Internet packages on customer’s demand through wireless devices will connect access to Fiber Internet services and satellite Internet services.

Our VSAT Internet services covers all provinces, districts, zones and cities of Afghanistan. Fast, secure and reliable satellite Internet connectivity all over Afghanistan for homes & businesses.

VSAT coverage, with High powered, fully steerable Ku Band, Ka Band and C bands and Extended C- Band Spot Beams, Large in-orbit capacity which makes VSAT platforms cost- effective, mesh wideband and Remote solutions, Solutions using most widely used VSAT equipment with High reliability & Quality.

UA Telecom offer highly secure, fast & reliable Wi-Fi based hotspots Internet services through the industry’s highest standard wireless AP’s providing network and/or Internet access to mobiles, laptop, smart devices typically located in public locations where you can take your laptop or other device and wirelessly connects to the Internet.

We are committed to bringing the best solutions to networking challenges in the Enterprise. In our understanding, the Enterprise is any organization that is reliant upon computer systems and networks for it to function. We are able to deliver solutions to corporate customers.

Being unable to get on-line when you need to be is not just frustrating; it can also waste valuable time and resources. Our service availability targets aim to give you a direct and fast connection to the Internet every time you use the service. Our Network Managers constantly monitor our core network, potential problems, and usage of service and its general performance.

We accept nothing less than 100% Quality Assurance & 100% Customer Satisfaction to all our clients and partners around the globe. Join our network and stay connected…
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