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Интернет провайдер "LG Uplus Corp."

ID: 159456
Название (бренд): LG Uplus Corp.
Адрес сайта (URL):
Адрес: 30, Sowol-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (Namdaemunno 5-ga)
Телефон: +114, 1544-0010
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The three LG Telecommunication companies make a new start under the name "LG U+". The company was founded on the back of the successful commercialization of the world's first CDMA technology in July 1996. Since beginning the PCS service around the country in October 1997, the company has continued to grow together with the customers and today,
LG Telecom, LG Dacom, and LG Powercom have combined to make a new start as LG U+.
The purpose of establishing LG U+ is to provide a development base for the company to become a world competitive telecommunication company that can handle the changes in business environment by maximizing the synergy effect through increasing management efficiency and through combining the cable/wireless telecommunication businesses. Until now, LG's three telecommunication companies were able to provide innovative services by thinking from the customers' perspective when developing and providing all services. In April 2008, the company released OZ, an open-type mobile internet service where customers can easily enjoy the internet from a cell phone without burden. The service provides web-surfing, e-mail, and location based service. Within one year and eight months of the launch of the service, there were over one million subscribers, leading the popularization of mobile internet.
In June 2007, the company released U + 070 and became the first company to release internet home telephone service where calls between subscribers are free of charge and telecommunication fees were lowered through providing a single local telephone fee throughout Korea. Within two years and four months of the release of the service, there were over two million subscribers, making up 33% of the internet telephone market and becoming the number one service provider.
Under the motto "Developing a HD level premium television together with customers", U+TV was launched in December 2007, providing various two-way services, terrestrial and HD broadcasting in real time, and providing 20,000 VOD episodes on the back of high speed internet broadcasting service. Released in September 2005, U+Home is an optic LAN service that provides fast speeds of up to 100Mbps and stable quality service, reaching two million subscribers in August 2008.
LG U+ will keep the customers in perspective and provide combined services that customers want, deliver convenience to the customers, and help the customers find hidden "values". The company will provide enhanced services one level above through strong business operation experience built on the back of fourteen million subscribers to cable/wireless and telecommunication broadcasting services, wireless business capacity, cable, corporate, and internet business capacities, and a high quality internet network. Moreover, the company will build a virtuous circle structure for the continuous development of LG U+ through increased investments in new-developments by doubling economies of scale and synergy effects.


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