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Название: Abba's Girls
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h1 (1) Coming Soon:
h2 (2) Soul to Soul Small group Intensive
h3 (2) Jo is an accredited coach, trainer, and designer. She is co-founder of Equipped to Thrive, a coaching and training organization passionate about seeing people thrive as they gain confidence in who they are. Jo has a background in speaking, teaching, church leadership and property investment, and she loves to encourage and activate others to pursue their full potential. Her unique ability to clearly see people and empower them to overcome obstacles and unlock their true identity and destiny sets her apart as a coach. Jo, and her best friend and husband of 25 years: Conrad, have spent two decades in various business/leadership/training roles. They also ministered at their home church for over 10 years, before training at Bethel's school of ministry, where they currently serve. They have two lovely, powerful daughters who bring laughter and light to their world. Jo has devoted her life to the passionate pursuit of the Lord’s presence and has a deep longing to see people pursue intimacy with Jesus above all else. One of her greatest joys is to inspire women to live fearlessly and embrace their unique identity in Christ as they overcome with joy!
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