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Название: Grow It!
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h2 (1) EARTH POTENTIAL Grow It! have developed kits for growing mushrooms in your home. Our home kits enable you to harvest your mushrooms when they are at their freshest and still holding their nutritional value, in contrast to produce that has been sitting in the supermarket for days! Using our kits to grow your own mushrooms provides you with produce free of pesticides and chemicals. There is great reward and satisfaction to be had from watching your produce grow and great pleasure from harvesting and eating it! Growing your own produce helps reconnect you to the earth and its positive benefits.  All mushrooms are fungi and they come in many varieties. Some mushrooms aren’t edible but those that are not only taste good, but early findings show that they are nutritious and that they may have long-term health benefits.   Mushrooms can being used as a meat substitute in home cooking. Increasingly, research is showing that including mushrooms in our diet may provide long-term health benefits. They are a great source of nutrition, providing vitamin D and vitamin B. All varieties of mushrooms are low in fat and calories and provide fibre and nutrients to help aid a healthy lifestyle. They also contain antioxidant that supports and boosts the immune system and helps maintain healthy tissue and cells.   EARTH POTENTIAL Grow It! kits are a great activity for the family. They engage children in learning about the processes of growing and harvesting food and appreciating what they are eating. It also educates them in healthy and nutritional food choices. The kits encourage interest in gardening which in turn helps our mental health by engaging in something positive and taking a break from the stresses of our daily routine. The grow your own kits make unique gifts for birthdays and Christmas.
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