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h2 (2) Nano Digital -South Africa’s first Student Accommodation Digital Network
h3 (15) Information Dissemination
h4 (1) Our promise is no competitor adverts, and you approve all advert on our screen Please Feel free to contact our office for more information on how to partner.
h5 (1) NANO DIGITAL IS A 100% BLACK OWNED EDU-TECH ORGANISATIN, SOUTH AFRICAN’S LEADING DIGITAL OUT OF HOME (DOOH) NETWORK IN PREMIUM STUDENT ACCOMMODATION. OUR DIGITAL OUT OF HOME DISPLAY SOLUTION SPECIALISED IN THE STUDENT MARKET We have innovated a captive audience niche digital out of home digital signage advertising platform that targets students using our narrowcasting and audiovisual signage displays bringing the power of advertising to the comfort of their own homes. Our network of screens are located on off-campus student accommodation nationally, Our digital screens are located in high dwell and high footfall locations within student living spaces. All we need is 50 inches on your wall and plug point in the foyer and we will do everything else from there, the screen, Wi-Fi and maintenance is ours BECOME A VENUE PARTNER •Engage your residents and let them stay Informed with Our Nano Digital TV Screens! We have Discovered a dynamic way for your students to stay connected and informed in your residences. Our cutting-edge television screens serve as an engaging platform to bring important announcements, key dates, and exciting events happening around the neighborhood but specifically within your residence. But that’s not all – these screens also play a vital role in launching impactful campaigns that matter to you. From health awareness initiatives to celebrations like youth Day, we’re committed to creating a space where your voice matters. We believe involving students like you in these campaigns opens up a new avenue of communication between your off-campus residents and the vibrant residence community.
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